• New Unused - OEM Quality Replacement Thermostat Housing
  • Manufactured in 100% Thermo-Plastic material for Long Life performance & serviceability
  • Opening Temperature :83C
  • Manufactured by ™TRE Products® suitable for Citroen DS Vehicles:-


SCUDO Box (270_, 272_) 1.6 D Multijet 02.2011 - Box



    • OEM Quality Manufacture for Aftermarket Use
    • Opening Temperature:  83C
    • 100% Thermo-Plastic Material for Lasting Performance & Serviceability
    • Manufacturer Guarantee
    • Stock in UK for Immediate Delivery
    • Free Delivery – Mainland UK
    • This part is vehicle specific according to the OEM part number listed for reference purposes only. It is important to follow the Vehicle Manufacturers Safety and Installation Guide at all times and servicing and replacement of parts should only be carried out when the engine is cold.
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