As a supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive parts and vehicle manufacturers our products have been developed and tested to embrace the latest technology in both traditional thermostats and electronic thermostat housings in both thermo-plastic and metal fabrication.

The pace of change in automotive engineering and product development demands that the cooling system of modern petrol and diesel engines exceeds the demands placed upon it by the ever increasing performance levels of modern vehicles, regardless of the running environment.

This requires that the materials used in the fabrication of the cooling system meets the highest levels of quality including plastics, stainless steels and copper that are required to resist the wear and corrosion effects of the coolant for the entire life of the vehicle.

In all environments the thermostat is critical in maintaining the operating pressure in the vehicle cooling system, providing a reduced delay in achieving optimum engine warm-up.

A rigorous manufacturing inspection process ensures that all thermostats are 100% tested and calibrated prior to sale and installation in order to ensure correct start-up and to maximum operating performance.

With an extensive range now covering European, Japanese and American vehicles some thermostats are now specified at OE levels with “Jiggle Valves or Pins” which are used to prevent air locks from occurring in the cooling system by allowing trapped air to escape. This also reduces coolant leakage through the flange and which then allows the engine to reach its designated operating temperature far quicker than standard thermostat designs.